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Chained Builds With Dependency Tracking

You can split image build directives over multiple files and chain them.

If the prerequisites list is present under the config key, stacker will make sure to build all the layers in the stacker.yaml files found at the paths contained in the list. This way stacker supports building multiple stacker.yaml files in the correct order.

In this particular case the parent folder of the current folder, let's call it parent, has 3 subfolders folder1, folder2 and folder3, each containing a stacker.yaml file. The example config above is in parent/folder1/stacker.yaml.

When stacker build -f parent/folder1/stacker.yaml is invoked, stacker would search for the other two stacker.yaml files and build them first, before building the stacker.yaml specified in the command line.

Last update: December 15, 2022