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Convert a Dockerfile to stacker yaml

When moving a project from a docker build environment to a stacker build environment, you can use the stacker convert command to create a stacker yaml file from the existing Dockerfile.


The conversion is a best-effort process and may not be successful in all cases.

During the conversion, variables from the Dockerfile may be exported to a substitution file, which can be declared in the stacker build command when building the project.

When invoking the stacker convert command, you have the option to specify the input (Dockerfile) filename, an output (stacker) filename, and a name for a substitution file, if such a file is generated by the conversion. Alternatively, you can use the default names provided:

Command option Abbreviation Default name
--docker-file -i "Dockerfile"
--output-file -o "stacker.yaml"
--substitute-file -s "stacker-subs.yaml"

To execute a conversion, use the following syntax:

stacker convert [-i <name>] [-o <name>] [-s <name>]

Last update: April 8, 2024