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What's New


  • Support for scratch

Prior to v0.40.1, stacker did not support empty root filesystems to be used a base container image. The support has now been added which can be used to host statically built binaries.

  • Support for importing content into container image

Prior to v0.40.1, copying content into a layer permanently involved bind mounting a shell such as busybox and invoking appropriate commands using the run directive. Now import directive allows for the dest option to achieve the same.

  • For the build command, can specify substitute key-value pairs in a file instead of the commandline.
$ stacker build --help
   stacker build - builds a new OCI image from a stacker yaml file

   stacker build [command options] [arguments...]

   --substitute-file value         file containing variable substitution in stackerfiles, 'FOO: bar' yaml format
  • Some squashfs improvements

While building squashfs layers, use squashfuse_ll if available which is faster.

Last update: December 20, 2022